International network

International network of hands-on professionals in Marketing, Sales & Operations

When you are launching new products, services or technologies in a B2B environment, or you have to promote equivalent, commoditized products, solutions and services, your management expects a better performance and higher return on investment.

rh-consultancy is an international network of hands-on professionals with proven track record in Marketing, Sales & Operations that will help you to get the best out of your efforts.

rh-consultancy cares about you, we share (y)our mission.

About us

What can you expect from rh-consultancy?

For international B2B service providers and manufacturers of equipment and goods who want sustainable, measurable business growth and achieve the defined SMART objectives, rh-consultancy provides the design, implementation and delivery of Expert Professional Services for a 360° Go-To-Market approach.

rh-consultancy will challenge your current thoughts and processes and offers a complete “End-to-End” development plan to facilitate the change that will help to reach a set of pre-agreed business targets.

rh-consultancy’s offering is pragmatic, tailored to the client. In this way the stakeholders will recognize their own areas for improvement in order to meet the goals set by management.